To keep our patients and staff safe, we are using the following safety measures.

Arrival Procedures

• Patients will complete COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaires prior to their appointments.
• Patients will arrive on their appointment times no sooner than 5 minutes, stay outside the building and text the office number to announce their arrival
• They will be contacted by phone or text to instruct them when they may come into the office
• Upon arrival to the office, please proceed to our hand-santizing station on your immediate right and clean your hands with the provided sanitizer
• They will be instructed to pay for their appointment before treatment. Please to use our contactless point-of-sale terminal for all transactions
• Receipts be emailed to our patients rather than printed unless specifically requested by the patient
• The therapist will bring the patient to the treatment room and review the COVID screening document prior to treatment
• The therapist will treat the patient and re-schedule their next appointment while the patient is in the treatment room


• Please note that our entire office is being cleaned and disinfected before and after each patient encounter
• We are using a broad spectrum non-alcohol disinfectant spray that is being applied to all surfaces
• These surfaces include: doorknobs,counter tops, seats, treatment tables, clipboards, pens, washroom keys, and other potential surface a patient (or staff) may touch

Other Measures

• We are limiting the number of patients being seen to allow ourselves time to clean and disinfect between appointments
• We are staggering appointment times for therapists to reduce contact between patients
• We have removed all non-essential items in the office to reduce chance of contamination (books, magazines, toys, etc)
• We recommend that our patients arrive to their appointments alone unless absolutely necessary
• We are using appropriate PPE (masks, scrubs, face shields, and gloves) as necessary
• We are updating ourselves on new regulations as they become available and adjusting our procedures as required