chiropractorChiropractic Therapy

Dr. Bromley has a simple practice philosophy.  The body must be able to move to be healthy.  Restrictions in movement in muscles, bones, ligaments and even organs are intrinsically unhealthy.  This has been proven to Dr. Bromley time and time again with thousands of patients he has had the privilege to serve.  Chiropractic is effective because it restores movement.  A chiropractor is effective because besides the technique that they may use, they are educating their patients to recognize these restrictions to their health.  It is a true doctor-patient relationship that engages the patient to be involved actively in the management of their health.  Dr. Bromley strives to develop this partnership with his patients in order that they may live their lives as pain-free, and active as possible.  Ultimately, that they understand and experience true health.

So how does he do it?

On your first visit, he will collect information from you regarding the issue that has brought you to our office.  Usually, it is pain or discomfort somewhere in the body.  In order to understand how you got to the condition you are in, you will be asked about your general and family health history.  It will be as comprehensive as you want it to be but please note that it is in your best interest to be as complete and as accurate as possible to ensure the best clinical outcome.  Dr. Bromley will review these findings with you and conduct a thorough examination to find the restrictions in movement.  At this time, Dr. Bromley will answer the following four questions that are commonly asked (or at least thought about) by most patients.  They are as follows:

What is wrong with me?

Accurately identifying the cause of spinal pain or other discomfort almost always requires a thorough consultation and examination. Individuals should not assume their pain stems from the same problem, for example, their neighbor had, and thus what has helped their neighbor will help them. Just as every individual is unique and different from the next, so too are the health conditions they suffer and the treatments they require.
Dr. Bromley is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries and abnormalities common to the spine, extremities and rest of body. Rest assured that if you are suffering from back or neck problems, extremity problems or other health related ailments chiropractic can provide you with the effective professional relief you demand. If your condition is out of the chiropractic scope or would be more appropriately managed by another health care specialist, Dr. Bromley will gladly and promptly make the necessary referral.

Can Chiropractic help with my problem?

Yes it can.  Chiropractic has helped millions of people worldwide suffering from all types of problems and not just back and neck ailments. Chiropractic works with the spinal column and its intimate relationship with the nervous system – the major controller of all bodily functions. By optimizing spinal column structure and bio mechanics, irritation and stress are removed and health can once again be achieved.
You may be surprised to learn that research studies have provided scientific evidence showing chiropractic care is not only effective in the treatment of back and neck ailments, but can also provide effective relief with children suffering from ear infections, women suffering from dysmenorrhea (painful menses), and a number of other seemingly “non-spinal” conditions. While it’s not prudent to guarantee relief from such conditions or claim to “treat” these conditions, chiropractic has successfully helped millions of individuals with all sorts of health conditions by positively affecting the nervous system.
Of course, doctors of chiropractic are best known for their success in treating back and neck problems. Through the use of chiropractic spinal adjustments and other highly specialized chiropractic techniques, chiropractors have established themselves as the back and neck injury specialists. Many medical experts are now coming to understand the true effectiveness of chiropractic care and are recommending major changes in the way our health care system manages many common spinal problems.

How long will it take?

While treatment lengths vary somewhat from person to person and from condition to condition, there are a few rules of thumb you can follow.
First, newer injuries, if treated appropriately and immediately, tend to respond to fewer visits assuming that major tissue injury has not occurred. Many of these first time injuries can be effectively managed in as little as 3 to 4 visits. Conditions that have been present for greater than 3 months and recurring conditions are generally more stubborn and difficult to manage. Resolution may require 12 visits or more. The only sure way to determine how long your treatment will take is to schedule a consultation and/or examination. For those of you who believe in just waiting for the problem to “go away” on its own – understand that the longer your condition has been around, the more treatments it will eventually require to resolve.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary and generally depend on the number of treatments required to effectively treat your condition. A number of studies have shown that chiropractic care is extremely cost effective when compared to other “medical” forms of care for similar conditions. According to the 1993 Manga Report, “There would be highly significant cost savings if more management of low-back pain was transferred from physicians to chiropractors. Users of chiropractic care have substantially lower health care costs, especially inpatient costs, than those who use medical care only.”

To be more specific, at Rosemary Heights Clinic, an initial examination and treatment costs $90.00 and subsequent treatments cost $55.00.  How much treatment that you may require will vary depending on the severity of your problems and your ultimate goals for treatment.  We do promise to only treat you with the number of treatments that you require to resolve your pain and meet your health care goals. Once these questions are answered, Dr. Bromley will start a treatment program tailored to your specific needs and health goals.  We will recommend what you need and cheerfully provide the type and frequency of chiropractic care that you want.