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About Rosemary Heights Clinic

Everything we do at Rosemary Heights Clinic is about restoring your body’s natural movement. The body has to be able to move to be healthy. We don’t accept any restriction of movement as normal or something you should live with.

Active Listening to Serve You Better

We’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of our patients in Surrey achieve tangible health results. Chiropractic care and Massage Therapy is not only based on science, its an art of listening and establishing a relationship to learn what you want to accomplish. We partner with you to build a plan that helps you live as pain free and active as possible.

At Rosemary Heights Clinic, we help you achieve lasting results by actively including you in your health care. We’ll educate you so you understand how to manage and improve your wellness on a regular basis.
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Finding the Answers No One Else Could

Dr. Bromley is driven to find answers for what’s causing pain—whether you’re his patient or not. While attending a football game, he noticed a child walking with a limp and went home to research. Based on the child’s body type and movements, Dr. Bromley concluded this was likely Blount’s disease. Our chiropractor introduced himself and recommended the family talk to a physician about Blount’s disease. They did, and their orthopedic surgeon was astounded because no doctor had picked up on this child’s condition—but a chiropractor had. The boy received the surgery he needed, and now he walks with ease.

Accurate Diagnoses Instead of Guesses

Dr. Bromley met someone one day at the gym who had one small shoulder. Assuming the muscle was weak, doctors and physical therapists prescribed exercise. Dr. Bromley knew weakness doesn’t cause a small triceps—something else was going on so he recommended they an MRI. The results showed a herniated disc, just as he’d suspected. That person is now improving, all because someone finally looked past the surface to ask what else might be wrong.

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