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Orthotics in Surrey

person with foot painYou probably don’t pay much attention to the way you walk—until you start tripping over chronic pain. Pain in the foot, ankle, heel, knee, and low back can come from improperly moving your feet when you walk. Such basic movement habits are hard to break, but you need a proper gait to relieve discomfort.

At Rosemary Heights Clinic, we offer a simple solution for poor foot biomechanics with orthotic insoles. Placing these inexpensive devices inside the shoes easily corrects your movements, restoring natural foot function and decreasing discomfort.

Diagnosing Pain at the Source

We start by carefully studying the way you move to diagnose any improper posture or biomechanics. The most common form of bad foot biomechanics we see is called overpronation, which some say affects as many as 70% of the population. Overpronation involves dropping the arches and rolling feet and ankles inward.

Fallen arches and overpronation are widespread because of the hard, flat surfaces that we walk on daily. Being over 50 years old, having weak ankles, and having excess body weight increase your risk of significant overpronation.

Preventing Long-Term Problems

Young people may not notice any aggravating symptoms from overpronation. If left unaddressed, however, overpronation can develop into more serious lower-body problems and leave you in chronic pain. Serious cases lead to problems like heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, knee pain, and lower back pain.

A Simple Way to Improve Your Gait

Orthotic insoles correct overpronation by realigning the foot and ankle bones to their neutral position, restoring natural foot function. As you begin walking and moving correctly again, you may experience reduced aches and pains. This effective and inexpensive solution can help you restore your health naturally. We can help your body compensate for the effects of walking on hard surfaces to help you embrace an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Take a Step Toward Health Today

Invest in your health with a pair of orthotic insoles. We also carry Medistik as well as hot/cold packs for you to purchase. Book your first appointment with our doctor today.

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